Consultancy made easier for SMEs

Services Offered

Strategy and Management

Develop business model and growth strategy and inculcate strategic management practices at the executive level

Human Resources Management

Undertake strategic HR management practices and develop systems for effective hiring, retention and productivity of employees

Digital Transformation

Complete integration of technology and digital tools in the company’s products, processes and strategies

Financial Management

Incorporating sound financial planning, analysis and practices to improve the company’s financial returns

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Frontier Knowledge

Driven by research and data, we bring best-in-class knowledge and practices to help transform traditional workplaces and industries.

Contextual Solutions

We embed ourselves into the business to meet our clients where they are and build contextually fit and relevant solutions to meet their needs.

Implementation Support

We provide consistent hand-holding and quality assurance to ensure effective implementation and sustenance of the solutions.

Technology First

We strongly believe in the power of technology to transform the industrial landscape and bring that energy and perspective into all aspects of our work.


We operate with agility to deal with the constantly changing environment in which our clients operate.


We operate with the highest standards of professional conduct in our work to ensure smooth delivery.

Building Purposeful Partnerships

Wadhwani Foundation

Vellom has partnered with Wadhwani Foundation to generate growth impact for SMEs in the Punjab region

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